Tac TiQ

Japanese hair salon located in the heart of Annex in Toronto.

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With extensive knowledge and experience from both Japan and Canada, our friendly bilingual(English/Japanese) hairstylists strive to perfect styles that best suit each and every individual.

Our prices are based on stylist’s experience.

Level 1 stylist: 5-10 years of experience $40
Level 2 Stylist: 10-15 years of experience $50
Senior Stylist: 15-25 years of experience $75
Master Stylist: Over 25 years of experience $100
We currently have master stylists in our sister salon Atelier May

Work Schedule: Wednesday to Saturday
Hobbies: baseball, cook, gardening
Specialty Skills: Cut, Perm

I’m from Nagano, Japan. I used to work in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo as a hairstylist before I came to Toronto. I participated in launching Tac-TiQ hair salon and I worked there as an opening staff.
To pursue my goal in working on customer’s hair and making sure that the styles I give will look the best on them. I would like to provide hairstyles that everyone can easily maintain every day at home. I will also give you hair styling tips, and advice on hairstyles that look the most suitable for you. Please come to our salon. I want to do my best for you to solve any of your hair troubles or concerns. I look forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart.

Work Schedule: Every Sunday
Hobbies: Eating, Cooking, Drinking
Specialty Skills: Cut, Hair Arrangement

I am from Sapporo, Japan. I worked at a hair salon in Sapporo for ten years and then I came to Toronto 2016. I hope I will make full use of my experience. I would like to make customers happy with a smile. I’m good at head massage and head spa. I would like you to try head spa one day! If you have any questions or concerns about your hair style, please feel free to ask me anytime!

RYO KATO** She will be back September 2020(She is on her vacation at the moment)
RYO KATO** She will be back September 2020(She is on her vacation at the moment)STYLIST LEVEL1 - Cut and Dry $40 (Shampoo and Styling not included)
Work Schedule: Wed,Thu,Sat and Sunday
Hobbies: Watching movies, Shopping
Specialty Skills: Hair colour, Head spa

I am from Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from college, I travelled to New York City and worked as an assistant hairstylist. In May 2015, I came to Toronto to study and improve my skills and techniques.
I specialize in hair colour and double process colour.
I work with my customers to find their perfect individual style.
I also specialize in head massage and head spa, making you feel relaxed and rejuvenated!!