Hello everyone:)

Shoko introduced her recommended drama yesterday!

I like that one too!It was really perfect!

I introduce my favorite drama in Net flix 


The story that the woman left her Religious community for a new life in Berlin.

Still this story have only 4 episode.

She is so young and so brave,energisch

l’ve never kenw that woman had so little choice in the decisions .

There are many cultures in the world and

there are countless things I don’t know.

I’ve learned so much and it’s important to be interested about something.

On another note, I went out  for icecream shop last week and fell in love with this ice!

The shop is called  Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery.

They have a huge selection of homemade ice creams to select from and have either on its own, or in a cookie sandwich.

The taste was soooo good !🍨


If you’re ever in Toronto looking for a ice cream shop, please stop by!