It has been a long time since I posted last blog 🙇🏻‍♀️ How are you doing? I’m… good!! Lol

Asuke introduced his favourite Shochu  yesterday so I am also going to introduce my favourites!

My hobby is having and finding new beer. ↑ I have never tried two of them and am very excited! Sapporo is my hometown so I’m proud of it 😘 I’m sorry but I didn’t have my favourite one today, but I attached their website which is LOST CRAFT. https://lostcraft.ca/ ❤️ ← I truly love their IPA😍

Recently, I am into sour taste beer such as, grape fruit, mango and lemon🍋 but I didn’t  remember which one did I get.. 🤣 it’s okay though because anyway craft beer is good🥺

Are you watching NETFLIX during quarantine time? I’d like you to watch this drama… 🥺

I was very into Crash Landing On You which made me cry a lot every time😭 Their situation made them suffer but it was so beautiful not only story but also music, actors  and actresses were perfect. I highly recommend it 😭❤️ This is the best drama ever in my life, and an actor whose name is Hyun Bin is incredibly handsome 😍LoL

The other colleagues Hazuki is also watching NETFLIX so she might talk to you guys her favourite one !? 😘