Seems like it’s a perfect day for ice creams and  wishing to go to Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery which is recommended by Hazuki at yesterday’s blog. The picture of ice cream looks so yummy and make me melt.

I am starving right now lol.

(I attached the rink that she mentioned the ice cream shop if you missed it)



So tomorrow is the Father’s Day.

What is your plans for your dad?  Giving some gift? Flowers? Letters? Cooking for him?!?!

I have some recipe for you if you interest in Japanese dishes. That’s local food from around my hometown Nagano, Aichi and Gifu prefectures. That’s sort of snacks so it’s usually eaten as nibbles or with soba.

We called Gohei Mochi.


90g Walnuts(I use pine nuts instead of walnuts) 

1-2 tbs Sesames

50g Brown sugar

2 tbs Mirin(if you have)

1 tbs Miso

2 tbs Sake

2-3 tbs Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce…any low sodium soy sauce also works)

1 cup steamed rice

Make miso sauce: Roast Walnuts in a pan until you smell roasting aroma. Add walnuts and sesames to mortar and then grind them well. Add the paste and lest of them to a pan and then start to medium heat(don’t burn it).



Make mochi: Smash the steamed rice in a bowl. Make a little rice bowl and then put them on a pan until the surface gets crispy and nicely golden in colour.

Ready to serve: you can just dip to the sauce or put on the rice bowl.


I hope you will enjoy my homemade recipe with your dad.