Finally December has come … It’s almost 2018😳‼️ By the way, December is well known as “Shiwasu” in Japan and it’s written “師走” in Japanese characters Kanji.
The reason why it’s been named as Shiwasu has derived from several sources and nobody knows which is right🤔🤔

But, Shiwasu is meaning that anyway anybody gets busy and busy!!😳✨

Take care everybody🤒💦

Here is is our schedule during holiday season 🎄💛
We are open from Wed to Sun as usual.

We are open from Wed to Sun as usual.
We have special business hours from 10am to 4:30pm on the 24th and 31st.
Please keep in mind that we are closed earlier than usual when booking.🙏

We are sorry for the any inconvenience.

**Closed every Mon and Tue,
We are closed on the1st and 2nd of Jan🙏💦

Please contact us whenever you like😉❤️


  1. 12月は通常通りの営業です。
    毎週水曜日〜日曜日 10:00〜18:30迄






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