✂️Dear customers✂️


Unfortunately, there’s some sad news that we have to inform you all... Our city will be in lockdown again starting this Saturday for 28 days. We were so happy to hear the news last week about reopening on April 12 and were very busy scheduling appointments for the next few weeks. It is very disappointing. [...]

✂️Dear customers✂️2021-04-01T23:20:56-04:00

New Schedule for 2020 to 2021


Hello everyone, It is sad that we gained extra 28days of lockdown from Boxing Day. We were hoping to help our lovely customers before the holiday but unfortunately, we are not able to open our door until further notice. This year was very tough for everyone, we are always here to help you. So please [...]

New Schedule for 2020 to 20212020-12-23T17:04:26-05:00

✂️2020 to 2021 holiday season schedule✂️


Hello everyone, We hope you all are doing well. we have temporaly closed our door for 28days due to second lockdown of COVID-19. If we could reopen our door from Dec 21st, we will follow our holiday season schedule below; 12/21-12/23 10am-7pm 12/24 10am-5pm 12/25 closed 12/26 10am-5pm 12/27 10am-7pm 12/28 closed 12/29, 12/30 10am-7pm [...]

✂️2020 to 2021 holiday season schedule✂️2020-12-02T06:10:26-05:00



Hi, Did you go to patio yet? I went twice already lol. We were super busy passed two days. Shoko and I decided to go to drink after the work. We went same bar for both night. It’s called “CRAFT COYOTE”. http://craftycoyote.ca/ Two blocks away from our salon to east. There are so many choose [...]


💇🏻Reopening 💇🏻‍♀️Tac-TiQ Hair Salon 🤞


Dear our beloved customers,(Japanese below) The salon has been closed for a long time due to the state of emergency order by the provincial government and the city of Toronto, however, the date to reopen our business has finally been decided. We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers, but we are looking forward to [...]

💇🏻Reopening 💇🏻‍♀️Tac-TiQ Hair Salon 🤞2020-06-22T23:21:11-04:00

Stay home③🏠hazu


Hello everyone:) Shoko introduced her recommended drama yesterday! I like that one too!It was really perfect! I introduce my favorite drama in Net flix  //Unorthodox The story that the woman left her Religious community for a new life in Berlin. Still this story have only 4 episode. She is so young and so brave,energisch! l've [...]

Stay home③🏠hazu2020-06-19T12:38:46-04:00

「Free Webcasts」🎬Asuke🥗


皆さん、こんにちは。 今日は、StayHome中に始まった僕の大好きなバンドのFreeWebcastについてです。 皆さんのお気に入りアーティストの方々も今回のpandemic期間にさまざまな方法で皆さんの元に元気を届けてくれたのではないでしょうか。 今回紹介させていただく僕の大好きなバンド「PHISH」はpandemic期間中、毎週火曜日に今まで行ってきたコンサートのライブ映像を無料配信するというものです。 面白いのがその配信に合わせて夕食のレシピ載せてくれるんです。 そして、今日がその配信日でして第11 回目になります。そして、どうでも良いのですが、僕が20年前に初めてPHISHのライブに行った日でもあるんです🎉🎉🎉 今日はそのレシピをご紹介いたします。 A Note From Page: This week I’ve decided not to do anything that resembles a sandwich. Instead, I’ve chosen one of my favorite recipes for Red Beans & Rice. Now, I know that I will be hearing from some purists that this isn’t anything like what you [...]

「Free Webcasts」🎬Asuke🥗2020-06-09T18:33:10-04:00

Dear Customers


SORRY WE ARE CLOSED Due to concerns around COVID-19, we have temporarily closed our stores about 2 weeks until further notice. We will update our blog when we reopen again. Please contact us by phone calls/emails during this closure if you have any questions. Please stay healthy and safe!!

Dear Customers2020-03-26T11:23:54-04:00

Notice of price change✂️SHOKO


Hello, This is Shoko. Happy new year everyone! ㊗️🎉How did you like your holiday? I would like to inform you about my price 🙇🏻‍♀️Thankfully, I will became a senior stylist from March. My price will be $75 from now on. (cut, shampoo and styling are included) but I will still give you hair cut ($50) [...]

Notice of price change✂️SHOKO2020-01-09T14:02:47-05:00