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💇🏻Reopening 💇🏻‍♀️Tac-TiQ Hair Salon 🤞


Dear our beloved customers,(Japanese below) The salon has been closed for a long time due to the state of emergency order by the provincial government and the city of Toronto, however, the date to reopen our business has finally been decided. We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers, but we are looking forward to [...]

💇🏻Reopening 💇🏻‍♀️Tac-TiQ Hair Salon 🤞2020-06-22T23:21:11-04:00

Father’s Day 👨‍🦰Asuke


Hello, Seems like it’s a perfect day for ice creams and  wishing to go to Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery which is recommended by Hazuki at yesterday’s blog. The picture of ice cream looks so yummy and make me melt. I am starving right now lol. (I attached the rink that she mentioned the [...]

Father’s Day 👨‍🦰Asuke2020-06-20T19:53:07-04:00

Stay home③🏠hazu


Hello everyone:) Shoko introduced her recommended drama yesterday! I like that one too!It was really perfect! I introduce my favorite drama in Net flix  //Unorthodox The story that the woman left her Religious community for a new life in Berlin. Still this story have only 4 episode. She is so young and so brave,energisch! l've [...]

Stay home③🏠hazu2020-06-19T12:38:46-04:00

Stay home🏡 Asuke


Hello, how do you spending time at home during quarantine? I normally don’t drink so much alcohol but I like drink sometimes especially summer. Before pandemic, a colleague Hazuki and I were talking about what kind of alcohol do you drink in Toronto. At that time, she was looking for Shōchū. Since then, I was [...]

Stay home🏡 Asuke2020-06-18T00:39:05-04:00

Tac-TiQ weekly news📰Asuke


  Hi everyone, Did you heard About today’s announcement by Premier Unfortunately, we couldn’t have a good news today. Premier Ford said it’s very close to reopen the phase 2 in Toronto but we still need to wait for next announcement on Monday next week. I think that will be important to keep following the [...]

Tac-TiQ weekly news📰Asuke2020-06-15T20:25:43-04:00



こんにちは。 今日はハピネススタイリストKeiさんと私のお誕生日会を開催していただきました。 2人の誕生日は4月と5月ですが、コロナ禍でお祝いできていなかったので、ようやく少しの集まりが可能になってきたところで実現しました。 久しぶりに会うスタッフやワンチャンとの貴重なひと時に感謝です。 誕生日はいくつになっても嬉しいものですね。 今日は本当にありがとうございました。


Happy pride month 🌈Asuke🌈


Hello~ It’s super beautiful weather these days. it’s reminds me when I had a first experience of pride parade in Toronto. That was in 2012. It was so much fun and felt so many things from them. We supposed to have an annual pride parade this year too but.... I love the parade and love [...]

Happy pride month 🌈Asuke🌈2020-06-12T18:41:28-04:00



今日は、pandemic後、初めてTac-TiQ女子会に参加してきました。   久しぶりに会うスタッフと楽しいひと時でした。   昨日のBlogのアップデートにもなるのですが、Tac-TiQの下のカフェ(ユニコーンカフェ)では、手作りのかわいいマスクを$5(キャッシュのみ)で販売しておりましたぁ。 IMG_4887   お近くにいらした際は是非見てみてください。