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Online counseling 🧐Asuke👩🏻‍💻


Hello~ everyone!! How have you been? Today, we would like to inform you our new service. We have been thinking about online counseling for your hair. If you have any questions about your hair, how much the cost will be, what kind of hair style is fit etc...We will answer your questions as much as [...]

Online counseling 🧐Asuke👩🏻‍💻2020-07-17T17:03:30-04:00



Hi, Did you go to patio yet? I went twice already lol. We were super busy passed two days. Shoko and I decided to go to drink after the work. We went same bar for both night. It’s called “CRAFT COYOTE”. http://craftycoyote.ca/ Two blocks away from our salon to east. There are so many choose [...]


Opening day of Stage 2 💈Asuke


It was the first day of work since we had to close our business.  We were so happy because we finally could see our precious customers. Thankfully, we were super busy today and almost fully booked for this week. A lot of customers are trying to book their appointment by online or over the phone [...]

Opening day of Stage 2 💈Asuke2020-06-25T07:26:54-04:00

🇨🇦 O Canada 🇨🇦 Asuke


Hello, We are finally back to start working from tomorrow afternoon. It’s been a tough days passed 3months for all of us. We missed all of you and can’t see you again at the salon. Since we have announced the reopening day, we got a lot of online appointment. I was replying some of them and [...]

🇨🇦 O Canada 🇨🇦 Asuke2020-06-24T00:13:09-04:00

💇🏻Reopening 💇🏻‍♀️Tac-TiQ Hair Salon 🤞


Dear our beloved customers,(Japanese below) The salon has been closed for a long time due to the state of emergency order by the provincial government and the city of Toronto, however, the date to reopen our business has finally been decided. We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers, but we are looking forward to [...]

💇🏻Reopening 💇🏻‍♀️Tac-TiQ Hair Salon 🤞2020-06-22T23:21:11-04:00

Father’s Day 👨‍🦰Asuke


Hello, Seems like it’s a perfect day for ice creams and  wishing to go to Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery which is recommended by Hazuki at yesterday’s blog. The picture of ice cream looks so yummy and make me melt. I am starving right now lol. (I attached the rink that she mentioned the [...]

Father’s Day 👨‍🦰Asuke2020-06-20T19:53:07-04:00

Stay home③🏠hazu


Hello everyone:) Shoko introduced her recommended drama yesterday! I like that one too!It was really perfect! I introduce my favorite drama in Net flix  //Unorthodox The story that the woman left her Religious community for a new life in Berlin. Still this story have only 4 episode. She is so young and so brave,energisch! l've [...]

Stay home③🏠hazu2020-06-19T12:38:46-04:00