I’ve got touch up finally❤️ Our lovely assistant Neiro, works for our sister salon Atelier May, did it🙇‍♀️💕
My hair is already bleached before, and touch up for bleached hair is too hard😫😫

Neiro has been practising to become a stylist, so our great regular stylist Shoko thought her how to apply bleach👏👏 Shoko is very good at bleaching👍✨


We tried to use new hair colour and bleach, which is a series of Blond Me, released by Schwartzkopf Professional👩✨
Blond Me is really good for getting blonde hair and that series is renewed😳‼️

New Blond Me is including new technology✌️It protects your hair against damages during hair colour.
Schwartzkopf says new technology minimizes hair breakages‼️ You don’t need to concern about damages by hair colouring👍💕

We used “Bleach & Tone cool additive”💙
This is colour but used by mixing with bleach🤔✨
Normally, we have to do double process colour to get ashy blond. Double process colour is that we bleach hair firstly, but orange or yellow will appear after bleach, so we need to apply the colour for anti-yellow or orange secondly👆👆
However, if you use this colour “Bleach & Tone cool additive”, we don’t need to do that🤗🤗 Because that is including anti-yellow or orange colour, so it can make your hair ashy while bleaching👏💕 It’s very useful💪‼️

Both of New Bleach and New Colour has new technology😳 So my hair is still fine❤️ If you’d like to feel the effects of new technology, you can come to touch my hair👩✨

We will study about new Blond Me on the 30th of Aug, which will be organised by Schwartzkopf Professional✌️💙
So our business hour will be changed, we will be open from 1:00pm to 6:30pm🙇‍♀️ Please keep it in mind if you would like to book in that day🙏💦

Let’s enjoy the summer with your new hair colour💛💚💜


ようやく、リタッチを染めて頂きました☺️💖Atelier Mayでアシスタントとして勤務中のねいろちゃんにやってもらいました✌️✨

日本でもお馴染みのシュワルツコフプロフェッショナル、ドイツ発祥のヘアケアやヘアカラーのメーカーさんですが、こちらのBlond Meというシリーズが、リニューアルされたんです‼️


今回”Bleach and Tone Cool Additive”というカラー剤を使ったんですが、これはブリーチと混ぜて使うと、あのブリーチ独特の黄色っぽさはオレンジっぽさが抑えられるという、これもまた優れものです😘


8/30 (木)は、こちらの新シリーズについて、講習会を受けて参ります👩🏻‍🏫‼️

こちらに伴いまして、8/30 は営業時間が13:00〜18:30までと変更になりますので、ご予約の際はどうぞご注意下さいませ🙏💦



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