I was wondering if I were in somewhere hot…😭 Winter is coming finally☃️☃️
I’m remembering the trip to Okinawa this April😎🌻

I like beaches and Okinawa has a lot of lovely beaches💙

Okinawa is the most southern part of Japan, it’s quite warmer and more humid than Tokyo😵😵 But we can see white beaches, blue sky, great coral reefs and crystal clear ocean😍❤️ Okinawa is made up of small islands and these islands consist of Coral reefs🐚✨

I visited the one of small islands “Takatomi Island”🏝 Unfortunately, however, it was pouring rain, as soon as we arrived😂😂 It seemed to be happened once in one hundrednfifty years😳‼️ Everybody in Taketomi was soooo surprised to that rain😅 All times we were in Taketomi the weather wasn’t good💦💦 We couldn’t be at beautiful beach at all😭 I love to go there again😤😤

Instead, we went to the limestone caves in the other close island called “Ishigaki”, and felt magnificent nature😳 Also, enjoyed “Ishigaki Wagyu” Yakiniku (Premium Japanese Beef BBQ👏✨)

Still now it could be around 30° degree in Okinawa‼️ I wish I were there🙏🙏🙏🙏