I was back to my hometown Tokushima in Japan as well during my vacation beginning of May❤️

Tokushima is in Shikoku island, this island is as big as Lake Ontario!😳😳 I was surprised how big is Lake Ontario✨

Tokushima is very countryside but there is beautiful nature🍀🍀 You can see whirlpools  there🌊 I went to go to see wiring whirlpools. You can see it from bridge like this😱😱

And there is a famous cafe because this cafe looks like Laputa of “Castle In The Sky”, which is famous Japanese animation’s movie made by Studio Ghibli👍👍

Anyway, I stated working at our sister salon Hair Happiness Sheppard, but am still working at TacTiQ every Sundays💕
So hope to see you Sundays at TacTiQ🙏❤️