I’m going to introduce my city which is SAPPORO. Maybe, I explained about my city a long time ago 😂

Did you know Sapporo beer? Of corse YES?😂👍🏻 Hokkaido is north of Japan 🇯🇵 Sapporo is inside of Hokkaido.

There is Sapporo beer brewery near my house✨↓

When I was a elementary school student, I went there with our field trip 🤣🍺 Of corse, we didn’t have anything just visited beer tour how to make Sapporo beers😂✨

Japan has so many beautiful city ☺️My city also beautiful through all season and food is really really really good 😭❤️Especially, seafood is high quality🦐🦑 🐚 🐟 

How beautiful is it? 😍

I can’t explain everything in this blog. If you are interested in Sapporo , I’m going to tell about good restaurant for you🎊💕

Have a good weekend 😘