Finaly, fall is coming 🍁The temperature is getting cold but not bad 🌰

I wore nit sweater today 👚😊

I was thinking of my self while I’m getting on Sunday. When I came to Toronto almost 2 years ago. I was wearing same jeanse in the bus in November👖When I get off bus , suddenly, one stranger woman mentioned me “You need to protect your leg! It’s important for you!” I was surprise but I said Thank you so much😂👏🏻✨In Toronto, winter is really really cold more than I expected. I wore this jeans in winter. It was really cold…my legs was almost died. I was super idiot 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll never worn this jeans in winter….😨😂 You should be careful Toronto’s winter 💦 also needs to protect your self. That’s true! 🤣✌🏻