We had a hair colour seminar🎨✨ The expert came to teach us how to use new colours💁💓 It was only in English so I was a little bit nervous but it was okay, she was very kind☺️🙏

I and Maru Chan was models, I got “toner” in order to make my hair silver, and Maru Chan got a bleached once then got “toner” to make his hair pinkish silver😊😊

We found again it difficult for Japanese or Asian to colour pastel such as completely silver or pinkish silver🤔🤔
Because our hair is totally black and it’s very difficult to get rid of black pigment definitely from our hair😱💦 But it’s very important… That hair must be a foundation to get pastel colours😖😖

Please keep in mind that to get pastel hair colours such as silver, ashy blond or pinky blond, has to spend your money, time and patience😟💦 Sometimes, bleaching only once won’t give you good results so we kindly ask you to come twice and more times…😵😵 However, absolutely, we will try to our best👊✨

Please feel free to ask us if you would like that kind of colours☺️We can consult about that😊😊