Chinese food ♡


Hi this is Neiro. How is all you guys winter so far❄️? This few weekdays were really clazy cold, I already want to go to some warm place🌞   I'm going to talk about Chinese foods this Blog.   I really love those Chinese foods and especially I love Dumplings.   This picture is Xiao long [...]

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Happy Place


Hi everyone:) This is Yuri.   Winter is coming! Did you see the Santa Claus Parade last Sunday? I was so excited to see it!   Last week, I went to the Happy Place with my friend after work. It’s pop-up exhibit at Harbourfront from November 1 to January 1. Only 2 months!   We [...]

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New friend


Hi everyone, How are you ?:) It’s snowing today as well! I used my new snow boots this morning. Please stay warm and dry:)   Recently, I got a new friend!!   She is someone’s  cat but always comes my friend’s house. lol We play together every Mondays. I liked cats better than before!     [...]

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Autumn is…


Hi everyone:)   Are you enjoying in Autumn? It is too cold for me but I’m enjoying Toronto’s beautiful Autumn!   Last night, I picked up a maple leaf and drew it. I like drawing but it was difficult to capture the light and shadow. However, I had a relax time with good music. Autumn [...]

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Hi This is Neiro, I watched "MAMMA MIA 2" finally. This is really really awesome and heartful movie. Oneday, I'd love to go to Greece to see the such a nice ocean and food, atmosphere. When I watched this movie I was feel like " I have to be strong as a women and have [...]

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I ❤️ Sapporo 😍SHOKO


Hello, I’m going to introduce my city which is SAPPORO. Maybe, I explained about my city a long time ago 😂 Did you know Sapporo beer? Of corse YES?😂👍🏻 Hokkaido is north of Japan 🇯🇵 Sapporo is inside of Hokkaido. There is Sapporo beer brewery near my house✨↓ When I was a elementary school student, [...]

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Good day


  Hi everyone;) How was your weekend?   Last week, my parents came to Toronto from Japan! I cut my mother’s hair:) I was happy because my mother glad about my cut technique.   Next day, we went to the Niagara Falls! I got super splash!!!!!! But we were really enjoy there:)       [...]

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Hello, Finaly, fall is coming 🍁The temperature is getting cold but not bad 🌰 I wore nit sweater today 👚😊 I was thinking of my self while I’m getting on Sunday. When I came to Toronto almost 2 years ago. I was wearing same jeanse in the bus in November👖When I get off bus , [...]