Valentine’s day


✨Valentine's day ✨   2月14日、バレンタインデーでしたね✨ 先週あたりから女性スタッフ数名に カナダのバレンタインは男の人が女の人にチョコあげるんだと言う事を 言われ、半信半疑調べてみたところ。 本当でした。👴👴👴 買いに行きましたよ。チョコ。🍫 さらにうちの女性BOSSいわく、 「うちの会社はカナダと日本のいいところを取っている会社だからカナダ式バレンタインと日本式ホワイトデーを取り入れているよ☆」 鬼🔥 女性スタッフがほとんどのうちの会社ではバレンタインもホワイトデーも僕はチョコを渡すスタイルらしいです、、、 日本のホワイトデーをスタッフみんなが忘れる事を祈ります。   I heard from a female coworker that men give women chocolates on Valentines day in Canada. In Japan, women give men chocolates on Valentines day. Men give women chocolates on White day, which is on March 14th. My manager [...]



Finally December has come … It’s almost 2018😳‼️ By the way, December is well known as “Shiwasu” in Japan and it’s written “師走” in Japanese characters Kanji. The reason why it’s been named as Shiwasu has derived from several sources and nobody knows which is right🤔🤔 But, Shiwasu is meaning that anyway anybody gets busy [...]



10月31日ハロウィン👻は皆様いかがでしたか?? Tac-TiQ staff、男三人衆。頑張りました。   Asuke→it 2017ver Kento→ピエロ。 Maru→itの少年。+プーさん。       プーさん。。。                 プーさん!?!?                   。。。         沢山の方々にも写真を撮って頂き すごく楽しめたハロウィンでした!!😎               We did Halloween costume at 10/31. We went to Church Street. [...]

Roots touch up💙takako


    I've got touch up finally❤️ Our lovely assistant Neiro, works for our sister salon Atelier May, did it🙇‍♀️💕 My hair is already bleached before, and touch up for bleached hair is too hard😫😫 Neiro has been practising to become a stylist, so our great regular stylist Shoko thought her how to apply bleach👏👏 [...]

New Colour Again!!🌈


  She has got new colour again!!‼️👀✨ Looks cool! Good for Summer🐠🐠 We have gotten new bleach💛 It's really good👏✨  We likes it! Because it makes less damage your hair🤗✨ We will introduce about new bleach later☺️☺️ Don't be fear of damage from bleach any more😍Let's enjoy vivid and pastel colour [...]

New Colour!!


We have new member joined our team!! She is an assistant😎Her name is Neiro😊🎵 Recently, she changed her hair colour!💇🏻She was always thinking about her hair color for a long time...🙄 💁🏻Ummm...What should I do? Orange?Blue?Green?Purple?...💁🏻 Before After This is cute isn't it?💖 Neiro looked very happy after she got [...]