Japanese baseball championship⚾️⚾️


Hello! This is Maru✌️ Koushien will start soon! (Koushien is Japanese high school Baseball championships. It's held in every spring and summer. ) I feel that the summer is coming when Koushien is started. I'm from Niigata, and my high school will participate in that competition so I will cheer up my high school🤙💕 My [...]

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We did Japanese calligraphy at our salon today. I made this Japanese calligraphy. 書道。 本日お店では 書道道具が出てきたのでプチ書道教室が はじまりました。 おのおの思ったことを書いていく 斬新なスタイルです。 久しぶりに書くといいもんですね!! 僕は、 腹減精神(ハングリー精神) と 鬼気迫るの鬼気を書きました。(謎のチョイス。)  


Fujirock festival in Japan🇯🇵


Hello!! This is Maru🤘 Held to have FujiRockFestival in Niigata. I have never been there. I want to go there someday. Artist: Major Lazer, YUKI, RADWIMPS, Kenji Ozawa, Gorillaz, etc こんにちは、マルです! 僕の地元の新潟ではFujiRockFestivalがあります。 まだ自分は行ったことないですけど😅 いつか絶対行きたいですね!! 出演アーティストはMajor Lazer, Yuki, RADWIMPS, などたくさんの有名アーティストが出演します。

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Blue Jays


We went to watch the game of Blue Jays vs Mariners⚾️⚾️ It was so much excited!!😆✨✨ To be honest, because we heard Iwakuma was going to play the day before yesterday, we went...🤐🤐 He wasn't in good condition so he didn't play the day before yesterday😱😢 But Jays won‼️✨ I saw players of Jays [...]

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