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  Hi This is Neiro.   I visited this famous place in Toronto yesterday. The distance is 30min by bicycle from my house to there. So I decided to go there by bicycle. Yesterday was a beautiful day its meant not too hot and comfortable. I enjoyed cycling so much😍😍   About a monument of [...]

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Nice restaurant:) SHOKO


Hello, I went to 3BRASSEURS with Yuri. We were supposed to go to Poland festival after work. Unfortunately, they were already closed at 7:00pm...😢 We decideded that we can go another restaurant! and then we went there. We ordered some beers, salada, seafood and steak❤️We can compare each beer and find favourite beer! Also food [...]

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Love ice creams


  Hi everyone! This is Yuri😀🌈 Are you enjoying your weekend? Today is very hot so I want to ice cream so much! I sometimes go to ice cream shop and enjoy it but they are very big for me😅   I don't like winter but want to eat ice cream all year!   If [...]

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Hi This is Neiro.   We are in middle of September already it means time is fly....   So we have a lot of TORJA which is Japanese and Toronto magazine🙂 They always mentioned us about Toronto's popular information, good restaurant and more....   In this September we also got them and then  It's talking about [...]


Curry :) SHOKO


Hello, I went to India restaurant last Monday!     http://www.buffetpalace.ca/?utm_source=tripadvisor&utm_medium=referralHello, Looks good 😂❤️ We can eat 12 types of curry, salads, nan and dessert with all you can eat 🎉 The price was so cheap! Just $12 (lunch , dinner $15) but I was full easier 😂 I will try to eat more next [...]

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Crazy rich asians


Hi this is Neiro..   How was your weekend?   I'm strongly recommend to watch this movie:)   I didn’t watch any movie recently in theater but my customer recommended me to watch it👌👌 so Finally I watched it. I cried and laughed many time in this movie🍿 Also it’s made me wanted to go [...]

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  Hi everyone:) September was start!   I went to CNE last week with my roommates! There was so wonderful place. I went to there first time and really enjoyed!!   And...I ate ice cream.          


My friend :) SHOKO


Hi! I’m going to introduce my friend 😆 He is my neighbor🐶❤️He is so cool and handsome right??😍 Moreover, he is super smart!! I’ve never seen a dog like him. I often see him so he remembers me also his owner and daughter remembers me. When I saw them, they always call me “Hi Shoko! [...]

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Pink sky:)


Hi this is Neiro!!   I want to share about Today’s sky☁️☁️ I suddenly work up at 6:30 am today, I usually don’t wake up early morning so 6:30 am is miracle time for me :)   Any way I saw the beautiful sky when I work up from my window at my room then [...]

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Head spa


Hi everyone!   Are  you enjoying  your weekend?   If you are tired, please come here for head spa:) We give you shampoo, massage, and relax time.   If you are interested, please ask us anytime!   Let’s go to heaven...:)

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