Happy new year everyone❤️❤️

\This is Neiro/

How are you guys going?

I’ve been spending in happy for every thing lately!!

Actually, this winter is not too cold so far so I’ve dicided to try a lot this winter.


At first, I went to Skyzone for trampolining yesterday.

It was my first experience to do that. It was super fun but quite tired 😩💦

After you finished jumping , you would get some strange when you jumping on the floor without trampoline 😂 because I was 😂😂





Secondary, I’m so into ice stating lately⛸

I don’t go a lot but I’m getting better now so hope to I’ll be more good at it 🙂



And I’ve not done yet but I’m going to bouldering very soon💜

Those mean, I would love to do some activity now 🙂


Let’s do them together this winter❄️❄️