Tac TiQ for your styling tactics

Located in the Annex area of Toronto, Tac TiQ is a salon concept that is known for its trendsetting styles and quality service at an affordable price.

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Wed – Sun 10:00am – 6:30pm
Mon – Tue Closed

Welcome to Tac TiQ Salon

We promise to provide a friendly and positive atmosphere at an affordable price. With our well educated and talented staff, we are able to provide each client with an exceptional overall experience.



With extensive knowledge and experience from both Japan and Canada, our friendly bilingual(English/Japanese) hairstylists strive to perfect styles that best suit each and every individual.

Our prices are based on stylist’s experience.

Junior Stylist:Under 5 years of experience $35
Level 1 stylist: 5-10 years of experience $40
Level 2 Stylist: 10-15 years of experience $50
Senior Stylist: 15-25 years of experience $75
Master Stylist: Over 25 years of experience $100
We currently have master stylists in our sister salon Atelier May

TAKAYUKI ASUKESTYLIST SENIOR - Cut $75 (Shampoo included)
Work Schedule: Wednesday to Saturday
Hobbies: baseball, cook, gardening
Specialty Skills: Cut, Perm

I’m from Nagano, Japan. I used to work in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo as a hairstylist before I came to Toronto. I participated in launching Tac-TiQ hair salon and I worked there as an opening staff.
To pursue my goal in working on customer’s hair and making sure that the styles I give will look the best on them. I would like to provide hairstyles that everyone can easily maintain every day at home. I will also give you hair styling tips, and advice on hairstyles that look the most suitable for you. Please come to our salon. I want to do my best for you to solve any of your hair troubles or concerns. I look forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart.

SHOKO CHIKAMASTYLIST LEVEL2 - Cut $50 (Shampoo not included)
Work Schedule: Every Sunday
Hobbies: Eating, Cooking, Drinking
Speciality Skills: Cut, Hair Arrangement

I am from Sapporo, Japan. I worked at a hair salon in Sapporo for ten years and then I came to Toronto 2016. I hope I will make full use of my experience. I would like to make customers happy with a smile. I’m good at head massage and head spa. I would like you to try head spa one day! If you have any questions or concerns about your hair style, please feel free to ask me anytime!

HIROAKI FUKUKAWASTYLIST LEVEL2 - Cut $50 (Shampoo not included)
Work Schedule: Wed-Sun
Hobbies: Soccer, Anime, Movies, Music (Ed Sheeran, ONEOKROCK)
Specialty Skills: Women’s bob style, Men’s cuts

I’m from Kagoshima, Japan. After working at a hair salon in Tokyo, I travelled to Toronto in 2015 to work at Hair Happiness Wellesley for one year. After that, I worked for three years at the Hair Happiness branch in Japan. I’m excited to be back in Toronto again and am currently working as a Level2 stylist.
I can help you choose a hairstyle that suits your personality, style, face shape and hair texture. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the salon. Please come to visit me!

KANAMI SAKAMOTOSTYLIST LEVEL1 - Cut $40 (Shampoo not included)
Work Schedule: ‪Wed-Sun‬
Hobbies: To go to Cafes and Museums, Travel (My dream is to go around the world!)
Specialty Skills: Women’s short style, Men’s cut and Head spa

I am from Tokyo. I worked at a hair salon in Harajuku and Yoyogi Uehara, Tokyo for three years and came to Toronto in July 2019. I like drawing so I’ll draw your hairstyle during your consultation and create a hairstyle just for you! I would like to help you if you have problems with your hair so please feel free to ask me. I am looking forward to seeing you at the salon!

RYO KATOSTYLIST LEVEL1 - Cut $40 (Shampoo not included)
Work Schedule: Wed-Sat
Hobbies: Watching movies, Shopping
Specialty Skills: Bob Cut, and Head spa

I am from Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from college, I travelled to New York City and worked as an assistant hairstylist. In May 2015, I came to Toronto to study and improve my skills and techniques.
I like cute and natural hairstyles. I work with my customers to find their perfect individual style. I specialize in head massage and head spa, making you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


As part of Canada Styles Limited, we prepare students to not only become talented and independent stylists, but also teach practical real-world communication skills. Tac TiQ prides itself in helping the next generation of stylists and others in the beauty industry by growing and merging the boundaries between English and Japanese.



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